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Sawt El Shaab

Sawt El Shaab was founded by the Lebanese Communist Party in 1987 as a partisan, commercial radio in Lebanon. It obtained its license in 1996, and broadcasts from Beirut news and political programs as well as diverse local artistic programs. It is aired on the following FM frequencies: 103.7 (Beirut) and 104.0 (Tripoli). It is currently run by Semaan Bou Moussa. 

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Al-Sharika Al-Alamiya lil Bath (Shaab) SAL


Ownership Structure

Sawt El Shaab is the official radio of the Lebanese Communist Party. The legal structure of this company is a one-person trader (تاجر). Journalist and party member Tanios Deaibes, who is not the owner but the person in charge with regards to official contacts with the public administration. The license to broadcast is owned by Al-Sharika Al-Alamiya lil Bath (Shaab) SAL, which is co-owned by several Communist and leftist political, social and cultural figures in Lebanon.

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The Lebanese Communist Party 


Nabil Fawaz

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Semaan Bou Moussa


Phone: +961 (1) 311 809

Sawt El Shaab Website

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