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Al Joumhouria

Al Joumhouria was founded in 1924 by journalist Saji’ Asmar and witnessed many years of interruption. It was first shut down in 1975 at the beginning of the civil war, and though it tried to resume publishing in 1985, the war ultimately prevented that. There was a second attempt to get it running in 2005 with then-Defense Minister Elias Murr Al-Joumhouria but it was suspended after the assassination attempt on Murr, who eventually launched it in 2011. The newspaper is located in same building as the headquarters of Elias Murr’s father, MP Michel Murr. Michel Murr is the grandfather of former MP Nayla Tueni, the General Manager of Annahar newspaper. Al-Joumhouria includes the following sections: local and international news, business, arts, science, health, fashion, culture, sports, and technology. It is also available on iPad format. Michel Elias Murr is the Chairman of the Board, and Georges Soulage is the Editor-in-Chief.

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Al Joumhouria News Corp SAL


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The Michel Elias Murr Family owns directly 72.3% and through companies they fully own, which are Group Murr SAL Holding (3.3%), Al Joumhouria News Corp Pan-Arab SAL Holding (20%) and Al Sharika Al Lubnania lil Idara wal Moussahama SAL (3.3%).

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Edouard Saadeh

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Founded in 1924, Relaunched in 2011


Elias Murr, served as Lebanon Interior Minister (2000-2004); Defense Minister (2005-2011); Deputy Prime Minister (2005-2008; 2009-2011).


Michel Elias Murr, son of Elias Murr (see above).


Georges Soulage 


Phone: +961 (4) 402 999

Al Joumhouria Website

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