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The National Broadcasting Network (NBN) was founded in 1996 by Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker and head of Amal movement, Nabih Berri, pursuant to Decree No. 10059 of January 10, 1998.

In September 2000, NBN launched its satellite channel via Nile Sat to cover the Arab World, Europe and Africa. Since 2004, NBN is available in the United States, through Reach Media Inc and in North America, Latin America, Australia and Canada as part of ART. NBN is the official television of the Lebanese Amal movement. Kassem Soueid is chair of NBN’s board of directors and Mohammad Noureddine is its news director.

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National Broadcasting Network (NBN) SAL


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NBN is the television of the Amal Movement led by Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri. However, the Berri family itself only appears through three shareholders, Nabih Berri's siblings Mahmoud and Amina, as well as his sister-in-law Samira Assi, owning a total of 19.70%. The other major shareholders are close political allies of Berri and leading officials of the Amal Movement, from the Hamdan family (29.8%), Ahmad Hussein and NBN's CEO Kassem Soueid (10% each). Also listed is William Mjalli (9.89% of the shares), who is in fact the chief-of-staff of former Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares.

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Nabih Berri, Speaker of Parliament since 1992.


Kassem Soueid


Mohammad Noureddine (News Director)


Phone: +961 (1) 803981

 NBN Website

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Chidiac, M. (2014). La television mise à nu. L'Orient des Livres. (Available in French only).

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