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OTV is a publicly-traded TV founded in 2007 by Roy Hachem, the son-in-law of Lebanese President Michel Aoun and current chairman of the station. OTV started broadcasting programs through two companies. The first one is Alubnaniah lil Ilam SAL which was granted a broadcasting license by the Lebanese Council of Ministers in June 2006 and gathered 15 shareholders at the beginning. It was in charge of defining the TV station’s policy in terms of news and programs. The second one is OTV Holding to handle finance and advertising. At the time, Michel Aoun was MP and president of the Free Patriotic Movement. He suggested the possibility for all Lebanese to subscribe in order to fund the station. Back then, one share used to cost 10 US dollars and each shareholder had the obligation to buy at least 10 shares, with the possibility to share them with others if he could not afford to pay 100 US dollars. OTV began broadcasting via satellite on July 20, 2007.

OTV’s political position is that of the Free Patriotic Movement and the station broadcasts diverse cultural, social and political shows. Its news director is Jad Abou Jaoudé.

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Alubnaniah lil Ilam SAL


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Joseph El Zoghby

Joseph El Zoghby is also a member of the board of OTV Holding SAL (see OTV Media profile).

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Roy Hachem, President Michel Aoun's son-in-law.


Roy Hachem


Jad Abou Jaoudé


Phone: +961 (1) 517050

OTV Website

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Chidiac, M. (2014). La television mise à nu. L'Orient des Livres. (Available in French only).

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