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Télé Lumière and Noursat

The "Television of Light" (Télé Lumière) was founded in 1991 by a group of people: the late Charles Helou, former President of Lebanon, the late Georges Frem (ex MP and minister), Jacques Kallassi, Georges Moawad, Rola and Sana Nassar, Dr. Antoine Saad, Christiane Debbaneh and Brother Nour. The Church has been supporting the Télé Lumière project ever since its implementation. The TV station is supervised by the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon and directed by a committee involving religious leaders from various denominations. The relationship between the Church and Télé Lumière is organized through a "cooperation protocol." As for the government, it considers Télé Lumière, through the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon, a Christian station that is financially independent, having freedom of management and programming and controlled only by the authority of the Church. In June 2003, on Pentecost, Télé Lumière celebrated its 12th anniversary as well as the launching of its satellite station Noursat covering the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. On September 8, 2004, Noursat began broadcasting in North and South America, Canada and Australia. The TV station refuses to broadcast political news. Télé Lumière’s Executive Director is Jacques Kallassy and its programming director is Marie-Thérèse Kreidi. It includes several channels: Nour al-Shabab that targets youth and addresses their problems and concerns; Nour al-Sharq, which is the special satellite for Oriental Churches’ affairs. Its programs are distributed equally among all churches regarding the broadcasting content; Nour al-Koddass that broadcasts round-the-clock masses; Nour Music that broadcasts religious and classical melodies; Mariam (Mary) channel, which includes cultural and educational shows; and Nour al-Rouh that broadcasts religious shows.

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Télé Lumière is co-owned by several Lebanese Christian religious denominations, dioceses and monastic orders, in addition to a number of businesspeople. Most of these businesspeople are also shareholders of the sister company Noursat, which broadcasts on satellite. Télé Lumière has a total of 1000 shares. Noursat has a total of 5000 shares; therefore 6000 shares combined. Percentage of ownership is then calculated after combining both companies, on the basis of 6000 shares.

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Charles Helou, Georges Frem, Jacques Kallassi, Georges Moawad, Rola and Sana Nassar, Antoine Saad, Christiane Debbaneh, and Brother Nour


Jacques Kallassi


Marie-Thérèse Kreidi (Programs Director)


Phone: +961 (1) 255001

Noursat Website

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Chidiac, M. (2014). La television mise à nu. L'Orient des Livres. (Available in French only).

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