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The Daily Star was founded in June 1952 by journalist Kamel Mrowa, the owner and Editor-in-Chief of the pan-Arab Al-Hayat daily newspaper. Malek Mrowa, the son of Kamel Mrowa is its current Chairman of the Board and journalist Nadim Ladki its Editor-in-Chief. It is the only English-language print daily in Lebanon.

The Daily Star stopped printing with the outbreak of the civil war as its offices were in the middle of the battlefield. Its activity resumed in November 1983 with Kamel Mrowa’s children until mid-1985, when it became a weekly newspaper. The ongoing war eventually halted its activity once again until 1996.

In January 2009, the paper was closed for two weeks by a Lebanese court order due to financial difficulties and it resumed activity the following month thanks to agreements with creditors regarding the payment of accumulated debt. In 2010, a group of businessmen close to the Hariri family bought the paper.

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The Daily Star SAL


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Malek Mrowa - son of The Daily Star's founder - and Nadim Ladki - the Editor-in-Chief - own 0.007% of the shares each. The remaining shares are owned by D.S. Holding SAL, which in turn is owned by Middle Holding SAL (founded by Saad Hariri), which in turn is owned by Millennium Development SAL, which in turn is owned by Cayman Islands-based Millennium Development International. The Chairman confirms that the shares ultimately belong to the Hariri family. Also, Millennium Development SAL was founded by Millennium Development Holding SAL, which in turn is owned by Inmaa Holding SAL that is owned by Mr. Nader Hariri, son of MP Bahia Hariri and cousin and former chief-of-staff of Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

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Malek Mrowa

Malek Mrowa is the son of The Daily Star's founder.

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Kamel Mrowa, late Lebanese publisher and journalist. Besides The Daily Star, he founded the Arabic daily Al-Hayat, and the French language newspaper Beyrouth Matin in 1959. His politics opposed military dictatorships. He was killed by a gunman in 1966.


Malek Mrowa, Vice-President of the Samir Kassir Foundation and Vice-President of the Democratic Renewal Movement. He is the son of the founder.


Nadim Ladki


Phone: +961 (1) 985 313

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