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Ya Sour

Ya Sour was launched in 2005 and covers Southern Lebanon. It also offers news about the Lebanese from southern Lebanon living abroad. The website relies on its network of correspondents to cover Southern Lebanon and on news agencies to cover the rest of the country. In 2013, Ya Sour launched its own sports website covering both local and international sports. Its CEO is Haitham Shaaban and its General Director is Abir Mahfouz. Ya Sour belongs to Ya Sour Media and Social Group, which also offers radio coverage in Southern Lebanon and live internet radio broadcasts for international users. Daily number of readers is between 120 and 150 thousand.

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The legal form is an association (Law of 1909), therefore it is not a company. 

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Haitham Shaaban


Abir Mahfouz


Phone: +961 (7) 350506

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