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Khazen Family

Khazen Family

The Khazen family has been involved in the ownership structure of Voix du Liban 93.3 radio station since 1993 when Simon Al-Khazen, the owner of the Société Moderne d’Information SAL, became the majority shareholder after a law passed, forbidding political parties to directly own media outlets. Since it was created in 1975, Voix du Liban belonged to the Phalange Party – of which Simon Al-Khazen was the vice-president. The issue of ownership remained the subject of a legal controversy between the Phalange Party and the Société Moderne d’Information SAL, represented by the heirs of the late Simon Al-Khazen – who have been running the radio station since the 1990s.

Today, the Khazens own around 35% of the radio station through Société Moderne d’Information SAL. Imad Al-Khazen, son of Simon Al-Khazen, is Voix Du Liban 93.3’s CEO and one of the main shareholders, his brother Tarek who works for a USAID funded project is also a main shareholder, as is Ziad, the third brother also working as BankMed loyalty program manager.

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Imad Khazen

son of Simon Al-Khazen. He is VDL 93.3’s CEO and one of the main shareholders.

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