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Ya Sour Media and Social Group

Ya Sour Media and Social Group

Ya Sour Group consists of two inseparable parts: the first one is the media component that includes the Ya Sour website and the Ya Sour quarterly magazine, along with several specialized websites. The second part is the social and cultural aspect that includes the Ya Sour Cultural and Social Association, the Women and Children Affairs Committee, the Photography Club and the Sports Section.

The media part:

  • The Ya Sour website was launched on November 1, 2005. It is a social news website covering the city of Sour (Tyre). With time, Ya Sour expanded its range of interests and started covering news in nearby areas, then other villages and towns in the south. Ya Sour has correspondents in several southern areas, as well as correspondents abroad who cover the news of southern communities around the world. We rely on news agencies to cover Lebanese local news in places where we do not have correspondents. Ya Sour has a license to issue a periodical called Ya Sour, which is distributed free of charge on a quarterly basis.
  • In 2014, the Photography Club website was launched; it includes a significant photo archive of Sour and the region.
  • The Ya Sour Group also has a radio station broadcasting on 89.7 FM and covering Sour and the region. As for the 90.7 FM broadcast band, it covers the south, Western Bekaa, Iqlim Al Kharroub and the coast all the way to Saadiyat. It also broadcasts all over the world thanks to its special online application.
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