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Lebanese Communication Group L.C.G. SAL

Lebanese Communication Group L.C.G. SAL

This company is connected to Hezbollah-run media outlets Al-Manar and Al-Nour. The company was created and formally founded by a number of Hezbollah officials and affiliates (listed as shareholders) so that licenses could be acquired.

Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form

Joint Stock Company (Société anonyme libanaise)

Business Sectors

Lebanese Communication Group L.C.G. SAL is operating in radio & TV broadcasting.


Individual Owner


Lebanese Communication Group L.C.G SAL includes two former Members of Parliament Abdallah Kassir and Mohammad Haidar and current MP Mohamad Hassan Ra'ad, who leads the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc. Shareholders also include: Sultan Khalife Asaad (9.705%), Youssef Ismail Al-Zein (8.529%), Ahmad Hadi Mazboudi (7.117%), Abdel-Jalil Al-Koushaymi (6%), Ahmad Toufic El Zein (5.294%), Kamal Elias Haddad (5%), Ibrahim Farhat (6.88%), Ali Mohamad Daher (4.235%), Abbas Mohamad Mezner (4.176%), Mohammad Hassan Mohsen (2.941%), Elias Salim Nasrallah (2.941%), Naji Ghanem (2.941%), MP Amin Sherri (2.941%), Ahmad El Berdan (2.647%), Mohamad Afif Ahmad (2.352%), MP Hassan Fadlallah (2.352%), and Nasser Akhdar (2.352%).

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other TV Outlets

Al Manar (6.4%)

Other Radio Outlets

Al Nour

Other Online Outlets


General Information

Founding Year


Affiliated Interests Founder

The Hezbollah

a Shi'a Islamist political party and militant group based in Lebanon


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Address: Al-Manar Building, Al-Arid Street , Haret Hreik (Baabda)

P.O.Box 25-354

Tax/ ID Number

Commercial Registry number: 59531 (Mount Lebanon)

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

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Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

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Advertising (in % of total funding)

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Executive Board

Ibrahim Farhat - Chairman of the Board of Directors

Further Information

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ownership data is not publicly available, company/channel denies the release of information or does not respond, no public record exists

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