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Radio Fajr S.A.L.

Radio Fajr S.A.L.

Radio Fajr obtained a first-class license from the Lebanese Council of Ministers under Decree No. (658) issued on August 30, 2007, and officially launched on October 10, 2008. The station broadcasts from Beirut on the following frequencies: FM 100.7 - 107.7 - 104.9. Radio Fajr offers educational, artistic, and religious programs. It is affiliated with and financed by the Jamaa Islamiya political party, which also in turn finances a number of charities and associations across the country. Jamaa Islamiya, an Islamist group with strong connections and investments in different aspects of Sunni society, was co-founded by Ibrahim Al Masri; his son, Omar Ibrahim Al Masri is mentioned as a shareholder of Fajr Radio. The group is known for its fundemantalist positoning and direct incitement against those who deviate from its religious teachings.

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Business Form


Legal Form

Joint Stock Company

Business Sectors

It produces and publishes a diversified and multimedia content online.


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General Information

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Affiliated Interests Founder

Jamaa Islamiya

Radio Fajr S.A.L. is founded by affiliates of Jamaa Islamiya. These include primary shareholders: Fouad Younes Rifai, Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Sham'a, Hassan Mohammad Al Shammas, Ghassan Mustafa Chehab, Rana Hisham Saade, Rashid Sherif Hbeish, Lamis Omar Farroukh, Zein Al Abeddine Mohamad Baalbaki, Omar Ibrahim Al Masri, Mustafa Hassan Jom'a, Faisal Anwar Hamadeh, Khalil As'ad Jamil, Abdel Hakim Waked, Hasan Sherif Hamadeh


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Address: Beirut, Aisha Bakkar, Malla region, Markaz Al Da'wa Al Islameyye, 9th floor.

Tax/ ID Number

Commercial registry: 1006547

Financial Information

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Executive Board

Fouad Younes Rifai

Other Influential People

Fajr Radio is owned directly by affiliates of the Jamaa Islamiya, specifically Fouad Younes Rifai (9.8%), Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Sham'a (9.8%), Hassan Mohammad Al Shammas (9.8%), Rana Hisham Saade (9.8%), Lamis Omar Farrouk (9.8%), Zein Al Abeddine Mohamad Baalbaki (9.8%), Omar Ibrahim Al Masri (9.8%), Wael Najm (9.8%), Abdel Hakim Waked (9.8%), Mustafa Hassan Jom'a (9.8%), Faisal Anwar Hamadeh (0.5%), Khalil As'ad Jamil (0.5%), Rashid Sherif Hbeish (0.5%).

Further Information

Passive Transparency

upon request, ownership data is easily available from the company/channel

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