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Kallassi Family

Kallassi Family

The Kallassi family owns 28.5% of Télé Lumière and Noursat. The family revolves around Jacques (Yacoub) Kallassi, the co-founder and CEO of the station. He is the Chairman of Kallassi Group (GroupKa) - a group specializing in consumer goods, distribution, restaurants, food production, export and real estate. One of his brothers, Bechara Al Kallassi is the chairman of King Food S.A.L., part of the Kallassi Group owning the Burger King franchise in Lebanon. Another brother, Paul Kallassi is the General Manager of Kallassi Trading Corporation (KTC), owning several food products brands in Lebanon. Jean Kallassi, Jacques’ third brother, is a board member of GroupKa.

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Kallassi Group

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Bechara Al Kallassi

brother of Jacques, owns the Burger King franchise in Lebanon.

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