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Salah Osseiran

Salah Osseiran

Since 1995, Salah Osseiran has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BPC Holding Group, a portfolio of group of companies that operate mainly in the Middle East, and in some African countries. BPC Holding is involved in distribution and import, finance and banking (through First National Bank in Lebanon and BPC Qatar), manufacturing, media (through LBCI and Sawt al-Ghad FM, real estate, retail (through Monoprix and BHV). A businessman, he started his career in the late 1970s in Saudi Arabia where he worked as an advisor for European, Japanese and American companies. He first invested 2 million US$ in 1988 in the CTI Group – a global provider of software listed in the Nasdaq. Osseiran also owns and runs PBC sister company, Fairford Holdings, involved in similar sectors.

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