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Janoubia was established in 2007 by Ali Al-Amine, who is the Editor-in-Chief of the website. It covers national and international news. In 2014 they launched Janoubia English and are associated to a quarterly magazine called Sho'un Janoubia and to an NGO both established in 2002. In addition to the website and magazine, they train journalists and hold conferences on several topics related to media, the economy and politics.

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105,806 unique browsers

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Janoubia is directly owned by Ali Al-Amine. It is affiliated with the NGO Sho'un Janoubia.

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Ali Al-Amine


Ali Al-Amine


Ali Al-Amine


Phone: +961 (7) 6037181

Janoubia Website

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The audience share is the average number of unique browsers in August and October 2018. The data was provided by Vertical Media.

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