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Ali Ghandour

Ali Ghandour

Ali Ghandour is a Lebanese-Jordanian double national. He grew up in Lebanon where he studied and graduated from the American University of Beirut. After continuing his studies in the United States, he returned to Lebanon in 1954 where he joined the Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority as an engineer. He joined the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) and became a fugitive from Lebanon to Kuwait after the SSNP attempted a coup in 1961. A death sentence was issued against him in absentia in Lebanon that led him to take refuge in Jordan, where he founded a new Jordanian national airline. He was pardoned in 1968.

Gandour has business interests in several sectors, including airlines (through Arab Wings, Royal Jordanian, Jet Airways, and Nas Air) and courier services (through Aramex). He is also a philanthropist, involved in education and culture, through his support to the American University of Beirut, the Arab Thought Forum, and Jordan's Royal Society for Fine Arts and the Royal Endowment for Culture and Education.

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