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Berri Family

Berri Family

Nabih Berri has been Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament since 1992, making him the world’s longest serving head of a legislative assembly. He is also the president of Amal Movement, a Muslim Shia political party that took an active part in the Lebanese civil war. The Amal Movement’s parliamentary block includes 16 MPs, making it the third largest. After years of violent rivalry, the Amal Movement and Hezbollah have been close allies since 1992. While not directly involved in business himself, several family members of Speaker Berri have interest in various economic and social sectors, including his wife Randa, his sons Mustapha and Bassel, his brother Mahmoud, his sister Amina, and his son-in-law Ayman Jomaa.

Amina Mostafa Berri is the sister of Nabih Berri. Besides being a shareholder at NBN, she is the head of the Medical-Social Services Department at the Lebanese Red Cross, and the head of the Southern Women’s House association. She is married to Hassan Fawaz, the former Deputy Director General of State Security.

Mahmoud Berri is the brother of Nabih Berri and one of his foreign policy advisors. He is also a board member of a major real estate company, Société Foncière du Liban.

Samira Assi is the sister of Randa Berri, Nabih’s wife. She is also the President of the Lebanese Publishers’ Federation.

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Randa Berri

wife of Nabih Berri and President of the Lebanese Association for the Welfare of the Handicapped.

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